The data do not come in the mail from the contact form?

Can't send data on e-mail. Website on Wordpress. Request to successfully pass via Ajax, but nothing in the mail not to come. Can't understand it. Here is my code:
function send_mail() {
 $passengerNumber = $_POST['passenger-number'];
 $destination = $_POST['from-where'];
 $arrivalDate = $_POST['arrival-date'];
 $arrivalTime = $_POST['arrival-time'];
 $babyChair = $_POST['baby chair'];
 $returnDate = $_POST['return date'];
 $return = $_POST['return-time'];
 $clientName = $_POST['client-name'];
 $clientEmail = $_POST['client-email'];
 $clientPhone = $_POST['client-phone'];
 $clientNotes = $_POST['client-notesnotes'];

 // assumes that $to, $subject, $message is already defined...
 $to = ''; // here I changed to your

 // remove filters that can change the header $headers
 remove_all_filters( 'wp_mail_from' );
 remove_all_filters( 'wp_mail_from_name' );

 $headers = array(
 'From: Me Myself <>',
 'content-type: text/html',
 'Cc: John Wordpress Codex <>',
 'Cc:', // here you can use just a simple email address

 wp_mail( $to, $destination, $clientName, $headers );

var form = $("#contact-form");
 var action = form.attr('action');

 form.on('submit', function (event) {

 var formData = {
 destination: $('#from-where').val(),
 flightNumber: $('#flight-number').val(),
 arrivalDate: $('#arrival-date').val(),
 arrivalTime: $('#arrival-time').val(),
 babyChair: $('#baby-chair').val(),
 returnDate: $('#return-date').val(),
 return: $('#return-time').val(),
 clientName: $('#client-name').val(),
 clientEmail: $('#client-email').val(),
 clientPhone: $('#client-phone').val(),
 clientNotes: $('#client-notes').val()

 url: action,
 type: 'POST',
 data: formData,
 error: function (request, txtStatus, errorThrown) {
 success: function () {
 form.html('Your enquiry sent successfully!');

March 19th 20 at 09:27
1 answer
March 19th 20 at 09:29
I solved the problem.

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