How to insert into a variable?

In General (don't even know how to explain will try to do so clearly) how to insert in a variable that is => $chto = items[1]
there is a code
$request_params = array(
 'type' => $type, //that look
 'owner_id' => $idg, //ID of whose entry (for minus)
 'item_id' => $idz, //record ID
 'filter' => 'likes', //likes - likes without reposts
 'friends_only' => 0, //0 - huskies friends off
 'offset' => 0, //offset
 'count' => $count, //how many output records
 'skip_own' => 0, //do not return the user. 
 'access_token' => static::TOKENPOL, 
 'v' => static::APIVERS
 $get_params = http_build_query($request_params);
 $infol = json_decode(file_get_contents(''. $get_params));
 return $infol->response->$chto;

if I make $chto = count then displays 9 if you do $chto = items[1] the outputs. duck that is the question how to do it right. that would be all right infuriated.
March 19th 20 at 09:27
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