You need a code editor, which will allow, multiple people to edit the source code of the project?

this can be a code editor or a plugin to an IDE.
development languages PHP and RUST.
the decision must be either decentralized, or backend may install on your server.
"as Google docks"
March 19th 20 at 20:10
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March 19th 20 at 20:12
Maybe you already know about version control system like git, svn or mercurial at worst? I often hear about the fact that you are looking for and no one was happy in the end. A version control system give a great number of advantages
have your own git installed on a personal server - Roxanne.Jakubowski80 commented on March 19th 20 at 20:15
@Roxanne.Jakubowski80, then why are you a useless tool? For development only offline ide and fully deployed development environment - brendon_Hettinger commented on March 19th 20 at 20:18
@brendon_Hettinger, me with a friend like a variation of "pair programming", paradoxically , in your project, there is, well, a lot of issues that need to be discussed. And when the contentious issues, this tool very out of place - Roxanne.Jakubowski80 commented on March 19th 20 at 20:21
@Roxanne.Jakubowski80, one can see a team without a plan of action for the enthusiasm. You will always have tools such as the online sandbox, gist, jsfuddle and a million other services. - brendon_Hettinger commented on March 19th 20 at 20:24
@brendon_Hettinger, because I wrote in addition to the question of what the solution should be cloud-based by no means time, and not to pass through other servers, the feeling that no one about the NDA not heard.

there is an initial plan and road-map, and a few clients - Roxanne.Jakubowski80 commented on March 19th 20 at 20:27

next will be a lot of letters in rather sharp form. proshu to understand - I meant no harm, and in order to help in understanding important points in raratonga, and in business. You success, and I'm starting.

0. you are a paranoid who saw one, but forgot to read more
1. About NDA heard everything, all signed, and those who did carefully know that almost anything it does not protect
2. your questions do not relate to the NDA, and Security. Do you know the difference?
3. You have an initial plan and RoadMap. And now you need to know about the term Time to Market, calculate it and minimize to the extent possible.
4. For reference - SaaS, IaaS and other *aaS created to make life easier, accelerate development and reduce Time to Market and increase the predictability of forward movement
5. Do you know about the NDA, And now, let's talk about documents such as Privacy Policy and Users Agreement, which you should read in some services before just to brasatsa to your server to raise and hope that it is more secure
6. Now about Security and your fear of the clouds and "my Dejah code and steal the bad uncle". There is a Shared Responsibility Model that includes Security in the Cloud and the Security of the Cloud.

Security of the Cloud security of the cloud, which is the responsibility of the vendor. In short it is obespechenie the availability of services, security of data, eroticia passwords and tokens, and control of the staff of the clouds that no one to your valuable data hands climbed up (can you Git to store personal porn)
Security in the Cloud - your area of responsibility and how you use the service. You can make it absolutely safe and able to open to the world and then be surprised and blame everything on others
7. About the software. You want such a software as requested, and to think of what will never be cooler and more comfortable than all the software I had already written companies like JetBrains? Palisaitis with other suitable software, preferably the same, well, remember that to work together as you describe, there is always RDP, TeamViewer and other solutions. And no need to go out of your comfort zone. All "Realtime Team IDE" profanity.
8. To reduce Time to Market in this world have long decided to use Third Party Vendors. If you want to do it all yourself you you already too late.
9. If you want to start something of their own for the convenience as on-Premise Git server, on-Premise online IDE etc. and then think about it .... with the current level of understanding I can guarantee you that you will not smojete to ensure the security, availability, and safety of all what is run and when it won't be a problem anyway back to the vendors - brendon_Hettinger commented on March 19th 20 at 20:30
@brendon_Hettingernot well what can I say ? technically, you're right probably in all, and fully Express the views of any Corporation which provides a cloud-based service.

So, I'm paranoid. I am interested in security, because NDA ,Privacy Policy as you yourself wrote ".. anything does not protect".

officially use the products of jetbrains, satisfied. Otherwise use opensorce solutions.

I live in a different world ) do as I think it is better in my situation, there is not a ride outsourcing.

to work together and have to use RDP and other solutions. I would like to give it up, but as you can see does not work ) I with the required level of security products work... no ? and all that is as you wrote "profanity."

p.s. and I am very grateful for honest opinions, quoting facts and clarifications.
p.p.s. form not sharp ) - Roxanne.Jakubowski80 commented on March 19th 20 at 20:33

I should add a few more things:
1. I say at the same time and from the world enterprise and startups. They are distinguished not so much, because often even in enterprise it is necessary to have the ability to quickly start, to experiment, and then how it goes
2. for security I say only that you will not be able to provide the same level and it is better to delegate this service. The more you delegate, the more time and effort into your product is the same
3. with services you don't get the problem, and carry liability and reduce the risks (it is necessary to understand what the risk is, in both cases, but what you want is less reliable)
4. NDA do not really protect, but about the Privacy Policy and Users Agreement - they do not protect, and convey to you who is responsible for what and in what order it happens. Suggest to read them to get the paranoia
5. If you to work together are forced to sit in one editor, then you have a poorly built, this is a collaboration. A project, even a matchlock is divided into modules and write them independently. There are terms such as architecture (there is a network, there is interaction, there is the structure of the application), modularity, contracts and much more. You should learn how to write such modules that they will be finished and will not affect the work of another person.
6. About the required level of security ... you lower the security level, as I see it, alas. - brendon_Hettinger commented on March 19th 20 at 20:36
@brendon_Hettinger, one can delegate the unimportant nodes, but something like write to me crawler as Yandex, with analysis and data analysis , what would he himself could index the content and understand what was in front of him for the site ?

to sit we don't have to, but some things are so much easier and with less effort made.

infrastructure simple, is the server has its own git diploidy on the test server, if all good, the main. - Roxanne.Jakubowski80 commented on March 19th 20 at 20:39
@Roxanne.Jakubowski80your server where?) And prod where?) - brendon_Hettinger commented on March 19th 20 at 20:42
@brendon_Hettinger, in the data center - Roxanne.Jakubowski80 commented on March 19th 20 at 20:45
March 19th 20 at 20:14
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