What kind of library to work with Android\BLE to choose?

Develop an application that should be in the background to work with devices via Bluetooth, BLE support are essential. A couple of days reading the documentation, I came to the conclusion that my needs perfectly correspond rxAndroidBle library and set of libraries from Nordic Semiconductor. Felt rxAndroidBle and faced a lot of controversial things in certain implementations, in my opinion - damp. At the same time, NRf Connect from Nordic Semiconductor complies with all my needs, except that, unfortunately, the project has a very scanty documentation.

Can you recommend library for Android\BLE, taking on the organization of interaction of work with devices with implemented components for processing requests\answers and support Request Response pattern of communication with the device? Don't need much - there is a background service that receives via the EventBus and gives the results of the work with ble device. The work with devices simple - a subscription to one characteristic, the entry to the same. For some devices before working, you must send a set of commands and wait for the initialization of the CPU. I would like the decision of discharge have thrown the Manager of lambdas or anonymous instances of classes in onSuccess and onFail desired operation, where processing the received data and States of the client\devices\connections. Nordic I liked it, but it is very scanty documentation, I am interested in Nordic work with their MVC model, RequestQueue and ReliableWriteRequest.
March 20th 20 at 11:21
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