What a mistake to switch?

the second submenu pokazyvaetsya immediately, as the first
not no pointer on hover
on the third item of the first menu
March 20th 20 at 11:21
1 answer
March 20th 20 at 11:23
 > .submenu, > .subsubmenu
 opacity: 1
 visibility: visible

@wilson.OConner38, thank you
and that gives us > ? - Marcus.Upton commented on March 20th 20 at 11:26
on hover at first .worked both dropdown selector:
.dropdown:hover > .submenu,
.dropdown:hover > .subsubmenu

but as the first direct descendant of the dropdown only the submenu is displayed only. - janis.Kloc commented on March 20th 20 at 11:29

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