Is it possible to check the number in the row on the variability in int?

Suppose I have a string with the line number in it
example = "abc3"
If I like something to check that the number (3) can be converted to int? The way I see it, but it is not working:
example = "abc3"
key_numeral = 3
if int(example[key_numeral]) == int:
 print('here is the numeral')
March 20th 20 at 11:23
1 answer
March 20th 20 at 11:25
if example[key_numeral].isnumeric():
 print('here is the numeral')

isnumeric will return True and the conversion to int will drop. - merle_Nitzsche10 commented on March 20th 20 at 11:28

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