Error when calling a Cuda kernel?

Good afternoon, in the program class:
class neuralNet {
 float input_nodes;
 float hidden_nodes;
 float output_nodes;
 float learning_grade;
 float* wih;
 float* who;

 neuralNet(int in, int hid, int out, float lr);
 float*activation_function(float* a, int n);
 void train(float*inputs, float*targets);
 void query(float*inputs);
 __global__ void query_kernel(float*inputs_d); // (2)

When called in main:
n.query_kernel << <60000, 1 >> > (inputs_d); // (1)

Displays the following error...
1) a pointer to a bound function may only be used to call the function
2) illegal combination of memory qualifiers

What is the reason and how to get around? Thank you very much for any advice/guidance... I'm just learning and all I would be grateful.
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