How to divide page content into two pages without losing position in Google?

On the main page and site directory.
Want to make a separate page for your catalog how to do it properly (to move the directory, and the rest of the content to remain on the main), not to lose the position of the catalogue in Google?
Yandex search queries this directory ignores this and want to make changes, but there are other reasons.
Remaining on the main content is not important for SEO, but for website visitors.
A 301 redirect is not suitable, it is necessary to allow visitors to get on the main.

Your option: to Make two pages: and to split the content on these pages and do a 301 redirect from the page on
On the website accordingly to change all the necessary links.
And when Google starts giving search queries the page instead, remove the 301 redirect and return the page content on the page and do a 301 redirect or alternatively, make the main writing in .HTACCESS "DirectoryIndex".
Can anyone suggest anything better or tell if it works my version.
March 20th 20 at 11:33
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March 20th 20 at 11:35
Alas, no way
Thank You for the reply. I had nowhere to go, had to correct his mistake made in the beginning of the creation of the site, decided to take a chance, did as he wrote in the question, everything turned out. - brandi_Rau commented on March 20th 20 at 11:38
March 20th 20 at 11:37
Read 2 times, did not understand.

If a directory is needed only for SEO, move it to the maps page of the website or sitemap.xml. I don't think You correctly prioritize.
What do You have for valuable information on the home that people don't need a catalog?

not to lose the position of the directory in Google

What makes You think that the page occupies the position of the catalog?

to do a 301 redirect from the page on
On the website accordingly to change all the necessary links.

Why you need forwarding?
What links will change?

A 301 redirect is to change the url of the page, for example page: and became

For a temporary solution to use 302 redirect.

In fact Your website had a home page: now when you log on to the site they are redirected to
The question why?

PS. Question divorced from reality. The desire is understandable. The reason - no.
In question is all written in detail, if You don't understand, and didn't need to respond.
And You do not understand neither the reason nor the desire.
I did everything he wrote in the question - everything went great, on my right queries Google gives now a Directory page instead of Home and she's in the same positions in the search and left.
And about the references it's obvious, when you change the URL of pages, internal links (in menu for example) also need to be changed, I meant it. - brandi_Rau commented on March 20th 20 at 11:40

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