How to import SASS syntax in PostCSS?

Hello. I have a build using webpack + postcss. And it works fine with SCSS syntax
Here is part of code from the settings postcss
module.exports = {
 syntax: "postcss-scss",
 parser: 'postcss-scss',
 plugins: [
 extensions: ".pcss"

But I want to switch to SASS syntax, I change the settings on postcss-sAss. And everything works, kompilacja sass syntax to css, but it stops working iport files, that is, the module postcss-easy-import does not want to include files with SASS by sintaksa, but connects without problems the same files in the SCSS syntax. I have repeatedly returned to this question, but I can't find a solution that would work with sass syntax.
Maybe someone can help with this!
March 20th 20 at 11:36
0 answer

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