As the Humanities become a programmer?

Hello. Finish their second year majoring in: historian. Actually disappointed in the profession, desire to be nothing, studying for a diploma, may still be useful. I wanted to go to programmisty. There are several reasons. Of course money, but also the opportunity to be realized, to change profession and a desire to plunge into the world of IT.
Understand that you want to zanimatsya web development, and owned a server part, so as to understand the internal part of the site seems to me much more interesting and direct work with him. A friend took in a small company where I work on Yii, but there doing a small job, nothing major yet because of the lack of knowledge.
And here's the question, how best to learn backend development? How can I change the thinking, because high school was fine with the programming, well, there is Pascal, but because of ignorance of mathematics, the road to IT was closed myself
March 20th 20 at 11:36
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March 20th 20 at 11:38
A lot to read and a lot to write, there's no other way.
March 20th 20 at 11:40
Of course the money

not enough to be a programmer. That would have been the money necessary to be a good programmer. So while studying, try your hand at this, through self-education. If you do not go - it may still be a good historian? Programmers make a lot is 95% myth. Professionals earn a lot, regardless of the profession. There are of course +- fork for different professions. But more depends on everything from personalities.

And here's the question, how best to learn backend development?

Read the documentation, analysis of interesting problems, lots of practice

How to change thinking

autotreninga and occupational work

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