What is the name and where to read?

notice, that you can write styles by investing them in others, such

I wanted to read about it, not even can not find)))
March 20th 20 at 11:37
2 answers
March 20th 20 at 11:39
Do you need any preprocessor. See sass, less, stylus. Most often used first. But choose for yourself.
in a nutshell, pliz! it is necessary to install the site? or to write? - Marcelino.Graham commented on March 20th 20 at 11:42
@caitlyn61, in a nutshell: we need a pre(post)processor - Kayla commented on March 20th 20 at 11:45
@caitlyn61, the preprocessor is set by the module node.js. Noda is installed on the machine where you are developing the website to the website in production already unloaded the compiled css files. It is in a nutshell. - cheyenne_Cron commented on March 20th 20 at 11:48
@caitlyn61, for it is better to use SASS syntax is SCSS - ashlynn_Barton27 commented on March 20th 20 at 11:51
March 20th 20 at 11:41
It is sass or less any preprocessor) Worked about a year on sass loved it all but returned to normal css I don't know why)

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