With some programs you can create dynamic reports?

Hey, guys.

Want to learn how to create the most dynamic reports to save time. Under dynamic report I understand the following:

Suppose there is a template text document issued according to STO/the GOST and the results of computations (symbolic, numerical, graphical) in a mathematical program. Inserted into the template are results from the relationship, i.e. when the data in the Mat. the program automatically updates the links in a text document.

Now I partially learned with the bunch MathCAD 15.0 + MS Word 2019, however, not as smooth as I would like:

1. To insert Russian characters are not so simple, instead inserted some gibberish (although it is solved by using other fonts that are adapted Cyrillic - GOST, Arial CYR), but still bad feeling there.
1qkQlQ-33Rs.jpg2. Flies formatting Greek symbols with a special paste with link.

Is it even possible to do what I want or it's impossible? If possible, what programs?

Thank you for your attention.
March 20th 20 at 11:39
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