Choose a direction to enter the development and whether this is the choice?


A question about entry into the it field, I'm sorry, "another" ,but I ask your advice. Perhaps there is even some questions, try in order.
I want go in it sector, I am 28 years old, higher education is not technical. At school studied on the circle of Pascal, and a little later Delphi. To link their fate with Aichi at the time seemed pointless and not promising, so he gave preference to the more reliable (as previously thought). In 2015, I went with a friend "in company" courses on Java SE, and graduated from them. In that time I haven't planned a hundred percent to become a developer, because after the University was hoping that it makes sense to stay on the current work of the specialty and therefore the courses were held and I forgot. Having spent 4 years in one place I realized that the prospects for me here is not much. Six months ago I decided something needs to change and what will not renew the contract (for 3 years), and going to school. There is not a large financial cushion for 2-3 months. Prior to that, tried to learn Python, Java repeated, tossing aside the HTML,CSS,JS Consulting with friends, I was offered the option to go on a course on the frontend where for 2-4 months there is a high probability Junior to get a job. Like a good plan, if it works, but to be honest I really liked the Java language.
Hence a few questions I want to ask you:

- Is it possible for a period of 2-3 months, they are not working and only studying, learning technology\languages for front-end to the level when you can take just?
- A more utopian option: it is possible for the same time to achieve the same result, but learning Java?

Can't decide, there is not enough information to help. Thank you


Thanks to all who replied.

I read your answers, and weighing the pros and cons decided to go on a course on JS. 2-3 months, I guess I certainly bent. It's nice that there are people who write that this is possible, and I really will try, but more realistically I see the likely result, at least 4-6 months (key word minimum). Although there frame to put silly, but looks much more real.

Of course, this is a stupid idea. Not a stupid idea to go into another field with zero (and if it was not for example Tokyo)? Not silly to live at 300.e a month (I'm not from Russia, but that doesn't mean easier)? Not stupid (although you do, of course, do not believe it) to go in that field which I was interested in previously, but that did not go? Yeah the scope of it now "barehipani", and I think that still can.

About sql I really thought about it, but no one to consult or just to discuss, if not sure, then better not. And then the transition into development, and I expect there will not be any easier, so why not start now? But thanks for the advice.

QA: Now testing a priori is considered the most simple means of accessing the Aichi targets... and therefore, on the labour market, tons of testers, plus we have requirements for English assigns priority to very high. For example, the average level of vacancies - Upper Intermediate. We have linguistic departments of universities open, I don't know how to call, courses (well, not the faculties of the same;) ), in which companies teach the Humanities because it is easier to teach the Humanities to test than geek speak. And Yes, I'm English, and you understand that need, but upper it is for the beginner too much. And again, the fact that the development will need to be taught again. By the way, I was an Intern as a software tester, have left because of the language. Maybe I was not lucky with, but the residue remained.

For those who mentioned that I should not quit the job. To go back I can, and maybe even more than a decent option there, but old - easily.

About the choice of Technologie/language: perhaps, it does not matter what code to write, given that I'm in this area quite a novice. I chose the path of the frontend. By The Way The React. Chose the coach, not courses, has been doing some research the reviews, even friends, have a conversation, I'm learning already. 2 weeks, and I'm even right)

If you do not forget, so many months after a decent period of time, then unsubscribe as soon as something goes or not. Once again thank you all
March 20th 20 at 11:39
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March 20th 20 at 11:41
A stupid idea really. You for 3 months of sitting on the ass did not really learn that you got the job. What JS that Java you will want are very much at the start. In the end, you for 3 months you will not find a job, spend all of your money back on the old job.

The best option to coach yourself now at a basic level: html/css/js + the technique of testing for example. And go to work in support / manual testing. Begin to understand how the Aichi targets of the company, what are the issues, how are business issues. And already gradually itself to graduate and go to the step above.

Without money and without work, you just will burn. And all phrase Ala "In programmers for 3 months", smack of outright nonsense. I can see HR in the selection for a job takes your resume and such looks: "Core rigs no experience in profile no experience in it, there is a course of Java SE" - Wow, this is an ideal candidate, it is faster to call me!
March 20th 20 at 11:43
At the expense of the frontend do not know, but with java I think a couple or three months from scratch to June it will be quite difficult.

I would advise You to quickly log in the it to become a sql developer. First you just save yourself from the insane amount of information relating to a programming language and related technologies/libraries and other things, many now greatly underestimate this factor, but simply knowing a language nobody needs you, much more important to know all that it involves and be able to work with all the abundance of tools and technologies, and for a couple of months it is difficult to achieve. However, there is another island where you can start with a minimal knowledge of SQL. For interest I looked the hh, so for example the requirements of vacancies with SN 50K rubles:

"Good programming skills in any of the dialects of SQL, experience in writing sub queries, triggers, stored procedures and functions, understanding the execution plan of the queries and their optimization."

The good news is that spending a day honest 3-4 hours, all of the above can be learned in 1-2 months, even being the most susceptible to that sort of magic man. And more importantly, the amount of knowledge required to start less at times than other areas, but to get 50K ZP in the same front, I think you will have at least more than a year to work(talking about the regions, MSCS do not know).

It I to what to fast and what is most important more or less normally paid start, sql and databases in my opinion out of the competition. How to get a job, it will be possible to continue to decide if you like to work with databases - develop in this direction, balgo has room to grow, not like in the evenings, study in quietly on something else. Of the minuses I note is not the large number of vacancies in relation to other areas, but they are still enough. In addition, many allow you to work remotely.
Your advice, as you wrote, good for quick access to IT. But the transition to another area of development will not be easy: first, after the beginning of work of the person will fall a lot of information, to-Rui need to know within the used stack of technologies - and he's physically the first time can't learn anything else over from the other region; and a second new area of development is again, at least, the fall in income. - cora_Co commented on March 20th 20 at 11:46
March 20th 20 at 11:45
- Is it possible for a period of 2-3 months, they are not working and only studying, learning technology\languages for front-end to the level when you can take just?

Trani, not Joon.
Yes, I've employed these.
And if you have 2 people, one with a year of experience, but the work did not interest him, and the other with a month of experience and wants to work and develop, the second naaaaamnogo preferable.
On the earnings in the first you should forget, there penny.
But in the first two years of gradual and large increase (compared with the beginning of his career)

- A more utopian option: it is possible for the same time to achieve the same result, but learning Java?

I weeks enough.
But it also depends on the background.
March 20th 20 at 11:47
Jun Java after 2-3 months it is a great miracle.
just JS after 2-3 months is a small miracle.
To plow these 2-3 months I will have 12 hours a day to have something to show and had the chance to convince future employers that you really can learn quickly and can bring some benefit, not in 3 years but at least after half a year.
Better to find options where to settle in advance, try to look and understand how it is real to you.

Another option is to call on a well-hung tongue, with minimal knowledge Shaboltas interviewers. Or somewhere in the introduction.

The most simple and more realistic options - in QA (manual testing) or in layout (but you may want once more, it is necessary to look for options), so that was plenty of time and opportunity to study further.
March 20th 20 at 11:49
Your task at the moment to get a job as a programmer (Jun).
To do this, go to the interview and be prepared for failure.
Do not hesitate to ask, we will explain why.
To know what they need to know
At this to quit my job not sure.

And to teach...
Definitely need to learn the actual version control system, systems project management, continuous integration systems and deployment.
You can still brush up on docker/docker-compose to a minimum. To put, to start the container.
Because these things at the interview, no one asks. And the work will be mostly with them.

Practice to write unit-test and to learn to work in TDD style.
March 20th 20 at 11:51
- Is it possible for a period of 2-3 months, to learn technologies\languages for front-end?
- is it possible at the same time to achieve the same result, but learning Java?

To learn the technologies/languages and to fence the fences of conditional structures — real, to become a programmer — no.
March 20th 20 at 11:53
You do of course will not listen, but my advice is to stay out of it. You later - up to 30 in 2 years, in 2 years you can barely make it to any of the June, you will be pissing rags to chase boys who are younger than you.

The market is saturated with programmers in Russia, they are not needed, only if in Moscow, but there is the need medly and above and you have to as a cancer to China with my zero experience. In other cities of the Russian Federation 3-7 vacancies with shitty programmer RFP.
March 20th 20 at 11:55
Offered a job to quit, but at work all furnish to 2-3 hours of free time left in the day and swing-swing-swing.

My humble IMHO but until June to swing for at least a year, it is provided that abut horn and almost the whole day to do it. If less intensely, from 1.5-2 years. Will have to digest a lot of contexts, techniques, nuances, which physically will not go in the head and saved with the bundles, therefore you will have to repeat many times. All of this will need to repeatedly work out in practice in different ways.

Modern company overage of Juneau is very reluctant to take, and the requirements are quite high.

Something like that.

The first thing I would recommend to download data structures and algorithms, because all programming eventually boils down to data processing.

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