How to display array in the information about the product in the catalogue item in a PHP array?

Good evening. You have a page with the withdrawal of the array of the directory structure:
- Section ["category"]
 - The ordinal number of the partition in the array [0...n]
 - Subsection with its attendant attributes ["category"]
 If there are more subsections, the structure is repeated
 In the final subsection shows the goods ["position"]
 - Pataday room tovar in the array [0...n]
 - Attributes ["@attributes"]
 The article attributes ["articul"]


There is a page c GET-request article (enter in the link parameter articul we need article - receive output array of information about the product.
For example, when you access the page R230 with R230 article-AEXB-64t-NNC-001, we obtain the following array:
The task is to iterate over an array with all items in all section, subsections on the page - on the way to get a list of all articles with all elements and for each article from this list to request the link and the output to an array with all the items in detail.
How to do it?
March 20th 20 at 11:41
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