How to specify connection in Symfony when generating the entity via the command line?

Working with symfony 3, generate the entity. When generating entity are: post, comment which has a post_id.

After selecting a name, there are types:

Available types: array, simple_array, json_array, object,
boolean, integer, smallint, bigint, string, text, datetime, datetimetz,
date, time, decimal, float, binary, blob, guid.

How to specify on the command line using the relationship(foreign key) post_id from comment?
March 20th 20 at 11:42
1 answer
March 20th 20 at 11:44
I don't remember exactly, but such a possibility appeared only with some updates in Synfony 4. In the 3rd version it was not possible when generating console to specify OneToMany, etc. types.

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