How to correctly display data from MongoDB using Mongoose?

I'm in my app doing the localization, I have a database in the application with language constants.

The point is that there is a DB connection (index.js, line 91) and should display all the contents of the collection. But first, it somehow appears not always (that is, the randomness, Yes/no), and secondly, when is displayed, I can display all the database contents to the console, specifically to access the property - no.

Object loadedLanguage - just have to keep the constants the same language. This object and is passed to the template engine in the HTML the Actual question: how to fix the 2 bug?) no idea on the dock, anything sensible is not. It says how to connect to the database, and the connection just successful

The code I uploaded to github

The content of your database is in folder db-backup

UPD: the problem with the language solved. But not solved the problem with the database. File index.js, line 63. Data is displayed using times, and it is unclear how to pull data from a specific property.
March 20th 20 at 11:43
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March 20th 20 at 11:45
write in Skype roman_bebnev will try to help

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