How to register links to the categories Title in the online store?


Please tell me the product category and its menu has 4 levels of nesting. I can not understand how to correctly make the reference structure. Links should be easier and shorter, or strictly repeat Title for better SEO?

https://с-vk (shorter version)
https:// (version under the Title)

Also can't figure out what template you need to register the Title of the subcategories

https:// - Title: Buy services Vkontakte cheap
https:// - Title: Buy cheat Vkontakte cheap
https:// - Title: Buy cheat Vkontakte in Russia cheap
https://с-vk Title: Buy cheat Vkontakte in Russia is cheap on public page

I would really appreciate your help, and for detailed examples or templates.

Sincerely, Alexander
March 20th 20 at 11:49
1 answer
March 20th 20 at 11:51
Any website (including the url structure and spelling of title) should start with a semantic kernel. Collecting and clusterseven queries, the structure of the site, not otherwise.
You can go a little more simple way: collect the query and remove the results, analyzing the competitors in sight. No, the one who ranked # 1 on the main key will not work. Typically, the youngest (can be identified by whois) and visible in the search domain is best optimized. It can be taken as a basis in building the structure.

If we take examples, https:// — spam.
https://с-vk — also better to remove the repetition of "vk".
The semantics will be clear and what title to put (the main key cluster).

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