How to clone an active database MySQL?

In the header I tried to briefly describe the essence of the question, but really it is more broad.
There is a site on it of a couple of hundred thousand users, of which about five thousand online.
All of these users actively post data to database in different tables.
And then the lady got hurt and the pilot all off.
But we are cunning, we still have DTS and there is a fresh copy of the database. And she "looks" into the world ready to receive and give information.

at what level to start thinking about the actual copy of the data?
At the API level, you can send queries to different databases (servers, DC, domains).
Or at the database level there are also options? Or better on all levels?

And maybe choose a decentralized solution?

Please do not throw sneakers, for me it will not say anything, I know everything about myself.
Looking for options detailed help and advice on mutually beneficial terms.
March 20th 20 at 11:50
1 answer
March 20th 20 at 11:52
ATP - Mireille.Hami commented on March 20th 20 at 11:55

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