Could not execute script and the error 500?

Faced with the error: error 500, it works 1 out of 50 times (randomly), I have long thought that she and found the Error log here such errors:
[Sun May 05 03:49:02.086176 2019] [:error] [pid 215322:tid 47551730546432] [client] SoftException in Application.cpp:630: Could not execute script "/home2/user/public_html/website/script/script.php"

[Sun May 05 03:49:02.086299 2019] [:error] [pid 215322:tid 47551730546432] [client] Caused by SystemException in API_Linux.cpp:458: execve() for program "/opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/bin/php-cgi" failed: Resource temporarily unavailable

[Sun May 05 03:49:02.086325 2019] [core:error] [pid 215322:tid 47551730546432] [client] End of script output before headers: script.php

Tell me what this means?
Many may think that the code written is crooked? - No, I find it silly, in your code everything is fine and it works as desired in the tests, in addition, exactly the same mistakes piled on other scripts that were not written by me but by other developers, these scripts run on hundreds of sites.

The error cannot be called randomly, it is explicitly called in some cases, but I can't figure out what exactly.
I spoke to the hosting more than to change php version they did not really want and shrug.

I use cloud Hosting and I have 17 hanging Cron tasks that are executed 1 time per minute. I googled and came across a topic with a similar problem, and there the author says the error is caused if 3 people simultaneously doing something on the website and they say it the host said that 25 processes is the maximum that they can do on the cloud host, I think I may have something like this when more than 25 processes are running it gives error 500?

If so, what are the solutions to the problem? The host is paid until 2020 and the money never returns, so the options to move, leave, etc can consider limit me to improve, no one will, is a cloud host and all some conditions.
p.s. Maybe if I move 2-3 Cron task to another hosting (VPS for example) it will facilitate the work of my cloud hosting?
March 20th 20 at 11:51
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