How to do a redirect and pass the previously filled form data in Symfony?

I have processed the form

 if ($form->is submitted() && $form->isValid()) {
 $stripePlanCreateDTO = $form->getData();
 try {
 $stripePlan =
 } catch (UserExceptionInterface $e) {

 return $this->redirectToRoute(

 . ' was added successfully.'

 return $this->redirectToRoute('admin.stripe_plans.get_all');

The problem is that if there is an exception and a redirect happens, it is clear that the form data that the user has already filled, will be lost. In laravale you can do something like return back()->withErrors([$e->getMessage()])->withInput(); but how to do it on sifani, tell me, please
March 20th 20 at 11:53
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