How to create a dynamic table?

In General, there is a form:
By clicking the button to search in the database and output the found values need to display those values in a kind of table and learn to choose a specific string.
Tell me how to do it?
DB query:
$query = $pdo->prepare('SELECT * FROM `flight_list` WHERE `from` LIKE ? AND the `where` part LIKE ? AND `from_d` LIKE ?');
 $query->execute([$k_value, $o_value,$tdate_value]);

 while($row = $query->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) {
 echo ',' . $row['from'] . ',' . $row['where'] . ',' . $row['from_d'] . ',' . $row['type'] . ',' . $row['price'] . ',' . $row['number_flight'] . ',' . $row['tickets'];

Using AJAX get the result of the query-side JS.
Here in this problem, made headlines with span:
<span class="title-output">Select</span>
 <span class="title-output">Location</span>
 <span class="title-output">Where</span>
 <span class="title-output">date of departure</span>
 <span class="title-output">Class</span>
 <span class="title-output">Price</span>
 <span class="title-output">flight Number</span>
 <span class="title-output">number of tickets</span>

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And chomu VI is not wearitout html

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