How to store the data of the website on Git hub?

Is there a site working great on Bitrix how to make all the data stored on github?
Let's say you download the entire site to their PC, upload to repositroy. Now it turns out we have one website on the host and one locally on the PC which is synchronized with github. More precisely it copy. Edits to do on the test, to check if everything is OK, to comicity and pour on the host? Or like better..or easier I guess)) and as dB to be? Well, what else can be nuances?
March 23rd 20 at 18:41
1 answer
March 23rd 20 at 18:43
Varintov 2:

1. Right - to put in a git only the folders which is being developed local, but if the template is old-fashioned lies bitrix/tamplates/ her place.
To do this on a production server.
Well, according to clone these folders on a test server and on the machine where you are developing.

2. Wrong - but allows you to add the updates on your local and test machines. This is the same on the production server created a git and there would be the whole www directory. A lot, but it just cloned itself all the sources and filled with updates.
The only need to properly configure gitignore (interested in your skins).

Well, base just Bakaritsa only the base and unfolds without files.

The question how to make first time?
First time just turns a full backup of the site in his car.
Then deleted all from the folder www.
And again poured, but from git.

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