Interested in your opinion. Wordpress Multisite load on the database?


Maybe someone have experience with wordpress multisite, I would like to hear advice/opinions on how to do better.

Each website you create in WP MU creates about 10 tables and it all be stored in one database. How can I better optimize if it is a network of 500 sites for example? Found a couple of articles about: how to make each site created a separate database (but will reduce the load on the server? like the number of requests is reduced?). Also found that if all sites are stored in one database, it is possible to divide the base into 3 parts and spread it on the different servers. What do you think about this?
March 23rd 20 at 18:42
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March 23rd 20 at 18:44
A better site on the topic is not seen after reading a couple articles it will become clear what to do.
Started to learn that after 5K object. nedvizhki on wp with a dull wps.

Basically take a normal cloud server, with the ability to scale type digitalocean or the like.
So in a couple of clicks it was possible and the drives to pull up and extra servo to deploy and balancing plug and the base to throw, and other dances.

Picking more will come.
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