Reduces forearm when printing, who faced?


Over the past year, faced with the problem. In normal printing (work, correspondence, typical) start to bulk up the muscles of the forearm (the part of the body from the wrist to the elbow), and then felt heaviness in the arm, a discomfort, like cramping in hand and fingers, and it becomes very difficult to print.

Who faced such problem?
Typing is not very fast, blind printing, about 400-600 words per minute, usually.

Previously printed all day without any problems, and now 5 minutes, and hands "fall off".
If encountered, mark this as solved the problem, please.
March 23rd 20 at 18:43
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March 23rd 20 at 18:45
Perhaps there are clips/the offset in the cervical spine, I would have turned to specialized professionals. It is also possible to difficult venous blood flow, again, in consequence of the clips/offsets, with the result that there is a weight. In General, it is necessary to check the blood vessels and the spine.
PS. maybe you will be lucky to meet\find a specialist who will tell you how to choose furniture and a comfortable position for work (chair (with adjustments, including for height)\the height of the monitor and other settings, there are a lot of nuances) to the hands and elbows lay on the table (this is my IMHO) need to stretch hands to the keyboard and mouse are too close to their situation (need a little push arms back) also affect the comfort during operation, possible (better to ask a professional) what is cushion in the center of the brush will make the job easier
I think it is not only in the hands, sleep (quality of the mattress for example) ventilation
PS.S. Massage therapist (therapeutic), after a course if it will help you to choose a set of gymnastic exercises would have been better ( partially 1 level, + gymnastics, slight load, not for "beautiful relief muscles" and the maintenance of health and functional load. + prevention (prophylactic medical examination every half-year / year doctors) 1-2 times per week \ 1 full course per year massage therapist (there is no doubt that the need will disappear completely - sedentary work). - yadira_Schamberger commented on March 23rd 20 at 18:48
March 23rd 20 at 18:47
Try to brace on the arm, usually from static pressure, it is not convenient to hold your hand.

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