Unity. Game the contact between the two colliders?

Good day to all. Newbie, doing a 2d game in Unity is a gameObject (the basket). when you tap on the screen fall fruit. Basket hanging on the edge collider and a rigidbody, fruit - prefabs, they're saddled with a rigidbody and polygon collider. After the build the test APK after the appearance of 3-4 fruits in the basket, everything starts to lag terribly. You can destroy objects by their appearance in the basket, but I want them hanging out there until the recycle bin will not overflow. The objects that fly past the basket, are destroyed by an additional edge Collider with the script on it.
How to understand what are the joists? And how to fix the whole thing.
I apologize for the sloppy explanation, I'm new to this.
March 23rd 20 at 18:47
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March 23rd 20 at 18:49
Regardless of what your platform, development language, framework used and so on,at the moment there is not iron (and cell phones in this matter is very limited) is able to display transparent sprites (textures) on top of each other without loss of performance. Almost certainly you get out there a few transparent textures (in addition to fruit still interface probably stuck 2-3 pieces), you exceed the limit, after which instead of the hardware overlay starts to work softwary.

Universal solution - after the fruit fell into the basket, dorisovyvat it into the overall texture of all fruits had fallen into it, and the object is removed. Thus you have in the basket may be any number of them. Similarly, you can consider the area of conflict to assess where to drop the new fruit by simply changing the configuration of one object, instead of making the car every time to obschityvat a bunch of objects.
March 23rd 20 at 18:51
How to understand what are the joists?

To enable the Profiler built in to unity, and carefully look at the data issued to them

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