Need to figure out what to do with the grid in the desktop browser on a mobile device. What can be here best practies?

All of health.

Make the project and the customer asks to adapt a small website for mobile devices.
Design no is not provided, all those moments offered to solve independently,
as you see fit. All went well until on one of the pages is not met grid.
Table with about 8 columns with important data. And I've been wondering how best to proceed in this case.
Following questions:
1) do I need to display grids on mobile devices??
2) if you want. how??
3) what can be alternatives?

I've come up with two solutions but can't choose:
1) Flip the grid so that the columns started to go horizontally and
vertical, so the page will be only information about a single record. There will also be
navigate through the other records. DON'T LIKE IT. since there is no overview of all data
2) in the grid, namely for the mobile version to make a 2-3 column, clicking on which to fall
on another screen is already there to display in the format key-value and the required logic.
This option I do NOT LIKE.

Has anyone encountered such situations? How did you decide on?)
March 23rd 20 at 18:47
1 answer
March 23rd 20 at 18:49
Here better customer is to discuss, at least ask him to choose from options.

In my projects usually table in the mobile version scrolled horizontally.

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