In modExtra in _build/elements/plugins.php to set the default parameters for the plugin?

In order to study modExtra write feedback module and encountered this problem: when specifying the file _build/elements/plugins.php the default parameters of the plugin (which handles the AJAX request when submitting the form):
return [
 'Feedback' => [
 'file' => 'feedback',
 'description' => ",
 'events' => [
 'OnWebPagePrerender' => [],
 'properties' => [
 'fields' => [
 'type' => 'textfield',
 'value' => 'author,phone,email,comment',
somehow, after installing the package instead of the name parameter, the default is null, the value is displayed correctly. Did by analogy with the file _build/elements/snippets.php. Searched through the source code of all packages known to me on the basis of modExtra, but none such was found. Apparently the name of the parameter default is specified not as the snippets, but how?

Although no! How to pass parameters to the snippet in the plugin? Entering parameters in session when the snippet call is not suitable, since theoretically, on one page there can be any number of calls to this snippet. Transmission via $_POST the same is not an option, as it is necessary in the form to add hidden fields with the parameters (or one with parameters as a json value, which will receive heartfelt greetings from the fenom)
March 23rd 20 at 18:53
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