Google play how to stay in Russia?

Hello. Now living in Georgia. Then bought a smartphone and created a new google account. And now play market gives applications just for Georgia. In the methods of payment is the Russian map, address, account, country: Russia, Russian language system. You have to use a vpn, clear cache and so go. But after turning off the vpn again play market gives applications just for Georgia.

I thought it was because of ip, but I had a smartphone that I bought in Russia and it play market has always shown applications for Russia. He never switched to Georgia.

As for the new smartphone to make the country always was Russia? To play market did not look at the ip
March 23rd 20 at 18:54
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March 23rd 20 at 18:56
To Google Play you recognize how in Russia, you need to activate your uchetku and it is better to create a new c a Russian IP.

  • Step 1 setup VPN on the router

Set up a VPN with a Russian IP on your router. Not all VPN will work, many closed ports. So use with a Russian IP.

  • Step 2 create and activate your account.

If you have an old phone, delete all accounts, you can even reset to factory settings.
If the new phone then put it back on.

Connect to WiFi with Snake already configured earlier VPN with a Russian IP.
Important: VPN must be connected.

Create a new Google account.
Important: it creates a new one, the old account is not required.


  • Step 3 launch Google Play

The account was created successfully, now go to Google Play.
Important: VPN must be connected.

Everything now being in another country, your account is considered as in Russia.
Even if at the moment you have a different IP.
VPN can be disabled, but you can leave now on your own.

At the moment, it works like this.
The website with the VPN:
It has long been understood. Don't even remember. But still said the decision as you did a good job with the answer. Thank you very much!

I think someone else will find this solution useful - Burnice_Runte commented on March 23rd 20 at 18:59

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