Mongose how to organize a scheme of sending data?

I have 2 of data collection. PRODUCT and ORDERS.
And they directly depend from each other, by the business logic. PRODUCT is what the business puts in the list of goods. And it Orders a list of orders. That is, orders that are taken from the PRODUCT. When I try to send the order in one request. Where again two json strings. That mongoose. Takes off only what is below. This I highlighted in red. How do I make a scheme of orders. What I would order one. Could send to the server any number of products?
-I can't
Know how many products will eventually be in business.
Possible solutions I came up with...
On the front end to put everything into an array. And from there get all the goods. Going through each and sending. (spike)

To each order to draw a huge button. Through which will be implemented by order.(spike)

March 23rd 20 at 18:59
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