How to determine whether the router is compatible with 4g antenna?

Puzzled by the question of Internet in the country. As the mobile communication is lame, you need a 4g/lte router with possibility of connection of the antenna to enhance the signal from the station. But faced with the problem that the device characteristics is not clear whether the antenna connection. In the best case written that have a sma port. But, as far as I understand, this is the standard antenna port and can be used to connect the antennas to enhance the wifi signal, not cellular.
In General, the crux of the matter: how to identify a router with possibility of connection of the antenna to enhance the signal from a cell tower?
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March 23rd 20 at 19:02
For starters, take MIMO antenna and cable. For example such. I took a SMA connector, so that if necessary it was possible to use pigtails.

Then, look at the LTE modem. If it has regular connectors for an external antenna, then it's simple — read the instructions, take the pigtail connected. Regular connectors if not, you will have to disassemble the modem. On its Board need to be technological connectors for antenna types TS9 or CRC9 (types almost the same, some with a diameter of 3.5, the second 3 mm).
It should be remembered that connectors should be two, not one (supports MIMO).
Depending on what connectors you have purchased the antenna, buy the pigtail (adapter) from this connector to the Jack on the modem. For example, such, in my case.

All this colheita in any case.
Connect the antenna and enjoy.

Of course, no one will be allowed in the store, before buying, to disassemble the device to identify the connectors. Moreover, disassembly immediately deprives you guarantee, remember that. There remains only to search for information about a particular model on the Internet before giving her their money.

Here's a farm with viewportui links components and Yota modem provides me 20-30 megabits stable Internet:

March 23rd 20 at 19:04
Isn't it easier to buy a router and lift on the mast?
March 23rd 20 at 19:06
It is not better to use a conjunction antenna gain-> lte usb modem -> router
For example
mikrotik + usb 4g lte modem + MIMO antenna

These whistles are easier antenna prikolisti

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