1C-Bitrix. How to get the full link to the topic?

Good afternoon.

How to get the full link to the topic?

Get a list of the sections of the information block according to the filter.
But don't give links to the sections...

$arFilter1 = array('IBLOCK_ID' => 13, 'ACTIVE' => 'Y', 'UF_MAIN_CHECK' => '1',"TOP_DEPTH" => '1');
$arSections1 = CIBlockSection::GetTreeList($arFilter1);
if ($arSections1) {
while ($arSec = $arSections1->Fetch()) {

array(29) { ["ID"]=> string(5) "86454" ["TIMESTAMP_X"]=> string(19) "25.05.2019 11:08:55" ["MODIFIED_BY"]=> string(2) "61" ["DATE_CREATE"]=> string(19)
 "06.11.2018 18:22:47" ["CREATED_BY"]=> string(2) "61" ["IBLOCK_ID"]=> string(2) "13" ["IBLOCK_SECTION_ID"]=> string(5) "86453" ["ACTIVE"]=> string(1) "Y" 
["GLOBAL_ACTIVE"]=> string(1) "Y" ["SORT"]=> string(3) "500" ["NAME"]=> string(20) "Keyboards" ["PICTURE"]=> NULL ["LEFT_MARGIN"]=> string(2) "35" 
["RIGHT_MARGIN"]=> string(2) "36" ["DEPTH_LEVEL"]=> string(1) "3" ["DESCRIPTION"]=> string(0) "" ["DESCRIPTION_TYPE"]=> string(4) "text" ["SEARCHABLE_CONTENT"]=> 
string(22) "KEYBOARDS" ["CODE"]=> string(10) "klaviatury" ["XML_ID"]=> string(0) "" ["TMP_ID"]=> NULL ["DETAIL_PICTURE"]=> NULL ["SOCNET_GROUP_ID"]=> NULL 
["LIST_PAGE_URL"]=> string(25) "#SITE_DIR#/bonus-catalog/" ["SECTION_PAGE_URL"]=> string(40) "#SITE_DIR#/bonus-catalog/#SECTION_CODE#/" ["IBLOCK_TYPE_ID"]=> 
string(7) "catalog" ["IBLOCK_CODE"]=> string(16) "points for goods" ["IBLOCK_EXTERNAL_ID"]=> string(9) "catalog-1" ["EXTERNAL_ID"]=> string(0) "" }

SECTION_PAGE_URL is it? Reason is given in this form..

What I do wrong?

Thanks in advance
March 23rd 20 at 19:02
2 answers
March 23rd 20 at 19:04
in the line "#SITE_DIR#/bonus-catalog/#SECTION_CODE#/"
#SITE_DIR# replace the constant SITE_DIR
#SECTION_CODE#/ replace $arSec['CODE']

or instead of Fetch (), use the GetNext() and all will be replaced by a machine))
March 23rd 20 at 19:06
<? require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/bitrix/modules/main/include/prolog_before.php");
$tree = CIBlockSection::GetTreeList(
$arFilter1 = array('IBLOCK_ID' => 13, 'ACTIVE' => 'Y', 'UF_MAIN_CHECK' => '1',"TOP_DEPTH" => '1'),
while($section = $tree->GetNext()) {
echo 'http://test.com/'.$section[CODE].'/';

What other links sections? Links to sections of this set of character codes titles

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