How to prementrual one app on the vue in a few places on one page?

Have a regular MVC site. The markup is given by the server. There are some recurring elements that correspond to vue, so you can pick up the data via the api and render them. All was well until there was one entry point, conditional id="app", which mauntin our app using the render function. Assembly production, vue cli. Suddenly need on one page to render the component in different places and with different parameters, but it must remain the content returned by the server. In fact it is one component that should draw a few times, but between the pieces of code that should stay.

Is this possible and how to implement it, in what direction to think, if we exclude the case where the server just gives the layout a La vue component runtime + compiler Assembly?

Or to mount the application once, but to be able to cram into that render, strictly observing the sequence of the data which is displayed when rendering from the server?
March 23rd 20 at 19:04
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