How to make app for Bitrix24 (js + jquery)?

Need to do a small application for Bitrix 24. In a simplified embodiment, it will be:
1. An additional text box in CRM -> Transactions
2. A pop-up window that displays data coming through $.ajax. Well, let this be a list of values.
3. When you click on a value in the list need to copy it into the text box

Could you tell me the basic structure of the file index.html and methods of work with jquery in the context of the B24?
March 23rd 20 at 19:04
1 answer
March 23rd 20 at 19:06
First: it will be this draw a decision under the same user? It is not entirely clear how you want to use(in the interface of Bitrix, either as a separate app in Bitrix)
In General, the bitrix24 app is just an iframe opening the link. Ie you on your hosting place the script/page with the app and Beatrix on the link it pulls up, as if you are this page in the browser opened. Examples of applications are in the documentation, take, try, understand)
1. It is added through the CRM - settings - properties of the goods. Or through the api
2. Work with jquery as usual, nothing special. But to get the dom elements via jquery, Bitrix will not work if there is no box.
3. Not entirely clear what you want
To replicate a solution not going.
1. With additional field clear
2. I need it with interface B24 to interact. We have a box.
3. Well, I created additional field (plain text, but disabled for editing). Next to "Select data". By clicking the button loads a modal window with a calendar (loaded from a third party server) by clicking on the event in the calendar the event name gets to the text box to eliminate manual entry. - Iva_Herzog25 commented on March 23rd 20 at 19:09

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