How to login to the admin panel of WP, if such error occurs?

The error text:

Warning: cannot modify header information - headers already sent (output started at /Home/p510409/www/ functions.PHP:1) in /home/p510409/www/ on line 1251
March 23rd 20 at 19:09
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March 23rd 20 at 19:11
I tried to insert favicons failed to load the extension was not,I put this in the file wp_config.php the following line:


and added code in functions.php
add_filter( 'upload_mimes', 'my_myme_types', 1, 1 );
my_myme_types function( $mime_types ) {
// Add the ico format
$mime_types['ico'] = 'image/x-icon';
// Will add.json format for example
$mime_types['json'] = 'application/json';
// Delete it .xls format for example
unset( $mime_types['xls'] );
return $mime_types;

and after all this began

Make sure that when you save these files (wp-config.php and functions.php) you do not add any blank lines or spaces at the beginning or end of the file. Especially before otkryvaem tag Make sure that both files are missing the closing tag ?>
March 23rd 20 at 19:13
All the rules,removed all spaces,anyway,and now form the site stopped working....
"Stopped working" is pretty vague definition. Please specify what exactly happens, what error occurs? - Junior93 commented on March 23rd 20 at 19:16

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