After migration Laravel project to a new server/domain, links to images are on the old domain. How to fix?

Hello. I'm just starting to learn php, and maybe I have a stupid question:

- have a working project on Laravel, privyazan to the domain (e.g.
- there is a second server, no domain, just a static IP (for example
I copied the project to a new server, set up (changed the domain to the ip in the files .env .htaccess , poured a fresh dump of the database, set up Apache), and, apparently, all functions of the app work normally, except for images, links to which are stored in a mysql database.
Ie - all pages open and perform their functions flawlessly, the image of the background including the displayed as expected, but not user photos.
I checked in the database the format of the links, there are recorded only the name of the image file (image_123.png).
But if I open the page that contains this image, the picture is not loaded, and the reference image leads to the old domain (

Please tell me where to look and what to change to the new server took a picture of yourself? (
March 23rd 20 at 19:10
1 answer
March 23rd 20 at 19:12
Found the problem. The value of the variable that contains the address of the root folder images, has been registered in the database, of course with the old domain. Thanks to everyone who helped!

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