How to build a modern AV receiver?

Podsite what are the options to gather the latest audio processor.
The meaning of which - there's a good amplifier and speakers. It is necessary now to put some "box" that will eat up music from different sources (flash drive, network mobile phone without a wired connection) and turn it into a decent signal to the amp. I'm in the subject is not strong, so perhaps I can not properly formulate my question about box in Google. While from variants I found

- AV-receiver / AV-processors - stand as the plane, and already have on Board your amp. Modern wireless technologies support only the most steep=expensive. It confuses me, firstly the cost, secondly the box solution (if that screw alone will not use).

- external sound card (expensive and not China for$ 4) but it need a proper player (the same Raspberry PI you can try to use as media center)

- media center like the apple tv / Chinese Android player - but while this option does not particularly understand what they can do and how advisable to use them purely for audio.

- how to use stupid old laptop :))) (antiquated option in case of emergency)

I would be grateful if you share links to any reviews, articles or their experience.

Common sense to build a modern, compact, modular processor for sound reproduction.
June 8th 19 at 16:26
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June 8th 19 at 16:30
Haven't found anything interesting/available from ready solutions in our area.
Therefore, the decision on the basis on the basis of Raspberry PI seems to me the best. And the sound was sane to put the output through a professional USB sound card.
Here is the solution how to make the music processor of the Raspberry PI - benton87 commented on June 8th 19 at 16:33
June 8th 19 at 16:28

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