If immediately after use H1 to H3 depending on the structure of the HTML 5 Outliner, it would be a violation or not?

All kind time of day.
Interested in the answer experts on several issues that relate to SEO and the proper organization code of the page.

1. Will there be a greater violation if the first 2 sections I have are as uncertain structure with HTML5 outliner ?
1. Untitled BODY
2. Untitled NAV
I use wordpress and there is the issue of a cursory analysis to solve was given. Did not on steam, but I want to know what are the consequences and how much is considered an error.

2. Can the structure of the page to go is not entirely a logical construction, and it was right after the tag h1 tag h2

I will explain the reason why. The fact that I decided to build a page structure thus to have:
h1, in a single copy in the header
h2 - 2 pieces to the page
h3 - 5 pieces
h4 - 10 pieces

But it turns out that the header is an h1 heading and followed by titles which do not bear the key words for example, our work or the cost or reviews. Ie good need immediately after to put h1 h2 regardless of whether they are weight for search engines or not, but I want to get the maximum organic matter for extradition.

Advise how to be .
March 23rd 20 at 19:12
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