If Selenium for authorization..?

There is a project in PHP I used cURL and wanted to make authorization on one of the larger sites, but the problem is that when you navigate to the login page, the site makes a lot of things - one of the key - it uses javascripts which generates unique links for each entry, using cURL I get the JS scripts which as you probably know do not generate anything because curl not able.

I want to understand for yourself:
1) if Selenium for my problem? If he knows how to run javascripts?
2) How to use Selenium with php? I mean I do Have a code on php:
public function Request ()
// 1 -here I do some task...
// 2 -and here I must make a request to the site where I must login and get some data... can I here call the function to Selenium complied with any requests (will do a separate q-tion for example).
// 3 - then this f-tion to back the outcome (e.g. to get something from the site).
// 4 - here I have treated this result.

3) Selenium is doing just requests for urlам which we give him? He can't get any information in particular? For example the json code.. or something and return it? Then how can I solve this problem? Queries can be ~30+ min. (I mean for example using cURL I do a Post request and get the result that is returned and then I can handle, and how does this in Selenium? as I understand it just returns the completed task successfully or not, or am I wrong?)
4) What specific things do I need to install for my task? Use Ubuntu 18.04 hosting. Maybe someone will also advise the php library, as I understand it they have a few.. I want to issue queries through the browser Google chrome.

Just want to say I am new to Selenium so so many questions may seem stupid, immediately sorry.
This task can be solved through much more, I know, but I want to use Selenium, because this is how I see the future, because cURL many sites are firing and ban so many other problems there are in terms of authorization on large sites. I have basic knowledge of php this is another reason why I don't want to use other languages for parsing.
March 23rd 20 at 19:16
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March 23rd 20 at 19:18
For starters you should understand that selenium is a tool. It can be used with many browsers.
Roughly speaking it allows to do requests to the api browser by means of YAP.
Well, now for questions
1) Yes
2) Link choose any tip what I can not give, with php not working
3) he does what he is told(to open the url, click on the element, etc.). About 30 requests per minute... If the machine is powerful, it will survive. You can also synchronize cUrl and selenium with the help of cookies, the exact implementation can not tell
4) php, Lieb php, webdriver. Use the headless mode to disable the browser interface. Driver can download here
Yeah, I was thinking about to do the authorization, and then through the cURL to go the url and collect data, perhaps it would be faster.

Of course I would like a little more detailed response on item 4, there is a view and that is exactly why you need to install)

1) php - well, I should have php5.Version 6.
2) Liba - I do not understand what is))
3) Vebdayver - why is it installed?

I watched many videos on YouTube showing examples of usage and settings, but there are a lot of things installed, and I want to understand if I really need it to put everything..
Here I list what I put:
1) Composer is Why I do not understand, I read about it and I still do not understand)). He needed me?
2) Codeception - also do not understand do I need one?
3) Selenium as I understand need.
4) Selenium WebDriver for Chrome, need.
5) Install any php library to choose from those that like it.

Something like that should look like my list? Maybe something to remove? Can the contrary to add? - Marley_Langworth commented on March 23rd 20 at 19:21
March 23rd 20 at 19:20
Excellent answer) - rebekah_Marquardt commented on March 23rd 20 at 19:23
@rebekah_Marquardt, these two letters perfectly answer all 4 points and, in particular, the main question in the title. - jeanie.Schuster57 commented on March 23rd 20 at 19:26

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