How to get reports in jenkins?

Hello all
tell me how I can withdraw allure reports in jenkins via pipeline?
A little more:
pytest is the test which is raced on a Windows machine via cmd (Windows needs it), at the end, he gives the main xml and json report several transactions report which he had made. Now I want this thing to translate to jenkins, the translation appropriately for the pipeline. Postable plug-alyur, and make such a pipe:

timeout(180) {
 timestamps {
 node('monitoring-client') {
 stage('Run tests') {
 catchError {
 bat "cd c:/la-la-l && py.test tests/functional/deal/ --host=prod --log-level=10 --branch=dev"
 stage('Generate report') {
 junit 'C:/la-la/reports/*.xml'
 commandline: 'allure-2',
 jdk: ",
 results: [[path: 'reports/allure-results']]

test passes, but the result is error
ERROR: No test report files were found. Configuration error?

go to the directory with your hands, there is:

prompt please, in what side to dig

in testoterone not strong, maybe not all the info necessary info posted
June 8th 19 at 16:28
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