Will transfer the site+domain to another server in all sorts of estimates yandex.direct/google.add?

I have a dumb question.
The IP of the client's site is included in the black list of Roskomnadzor.
I now want to transfer the site+domain to your server. Will not affect whether such a transfer on the ranking of a website in search engines, and how it will react to yandex.direct and google ads?
PS Googled, but found conflicting information, so I decided to clarify here.
PSS I these advertising promotions generally have little understanding, so if you can, write easier
March 23rd 20 at 19:23
1 answer
March 23rd 20 at 19:25
If the IP of the client's site (not domain) is included in the black list RKN - the simplest solution would be to ask the host a new IP address. You can also migrate a server to another, if the quality is not worse than the current server because the search engines evaluate the speed of the website (server performance).

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