How to give access to your home phone from a remote location?

Noob question, far from the topic, googling th-t did not help.
  • There is an apartment And with the city phone and Internet.
  • Is the apartment B, where there is only the Internet.

I want to be able to fully use the city telephone line in sq And sq B.
To square was Used just as a neighbouring room where finishes Dect handset. (From A to B doesn't finish, alas).

A voice gateway Cisco / LinkSys SPA-3102 and zero experience of Internet telephony.

I do not understand yet:
  1. Do I need to raise the server Asterisk or you can do one box 3102?
  2. If necessary, pull it it Linux network drive (there rules. running a torrent client), or do we need iron stronger?
  3. Will I have to tie another and to external providers of the same type Assigned to you or it may work independently?
  4. What you need to buy a phone camera in square B? As I understand it, you need a VoIP phone for the Yealink W52P
  5. Poke yourself in the tutorial (on English). where chew that is my goal, if there is such at hand.
March 23rd 20 at 19:38
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March 23rd 20 at 19:40
1. Asterisk is not required, you can get a box gateway.
2. Mean NAS? Performance iron may be pulled (not saying they are different there, and iron is different), but the more interesting question is how much time and effort to install Asterisk on the Linux. There may be Linux specific and pared down, it is likely hemorrhoids.
3. No. SipNet (etc.) basically need to not to use a local (or cell) phone.
4. To start, try to configure via a Softphone. This class of client programs for VoIP, like that of Skype. Only Skype's own Protocol, and you need any Softphone that supports SIP Protocol. Thousands of them With dozens of such programs can be easily naguglit (but some curves, right). If you succeed to configure, then it will be possible for facilities to purchase Yealink. And if it does not, then at least do not throw money to the wind.
5. Look in the settings of your box the word hotline (hotline). Or Google "forwarding phone". Link not give.
6. We will also need to configure router (port forwarding SIP and RTSP; it is possible to configure DDNS if the address from the ISP dynamic; maybe the STUN in the VoIP gateway).

Upd. just in case I add about hotline. It is this mode of operation of the gateway when the signal is received on the port (incoming call or lifting the handset on your phone) will automatically raise a different port or even automatically dialed a number. A kind of analogue "a girl, give Smolny". Connection setup without manual dialing.
Thank you very much! Very good that you don't have to bother even with Asteriks'ohms.
Softphones enjoyed using Sipnet and Voipraider - when needed communication from abroad.
Thank you for the hint with the key words "hotline" and "forwarding phone".
In sq A permanent ip, which makes it easier. The port of icing. - yvette commented on March 23rd 20 at 19:43

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