WinAPI :: is There a program to view the structure of Windows kernel objects?

Learning WinAPI (according to the book Petzold), is difficult given the information and much time on one topic because all the actions are declared "abstract" and dull.
It is said that, when writing WinAPI tried to focus on the OOP approach, but it turned out so-so.

For example, the function - InvalidateRect records *somewhere* coordinates of area that needs to be redrawn.
But I wonder, where is written this information.
The book says that if the invalid region is changing, and in the queue already have a WM_PAINT message, the WM_PAINT is not sent, but simply change the coordinates of invalid region, so that new invalid region was part of it.
I have the hwnd handle, apparently it points to a structure which stores attributes of my window, calling the InvalidateRect function refers to the window object, and writes the coordinates of the invalid rectangle, which can be obtained by the function GetUpdateRect.

I heard about a certain descriptor table, which just connects my handle with the real structure of the object. Can not understand how to manually invoke these objects to see their structure?

1) In General, it bothers me, this approach black box, maybe there are ways to get more whole structure window, which is available in kernel Windows?

I tried to watch to read the source code of ReactOS, but it turns out not really.
2) is it Possible anywhere to read the source code to Win95?

3) What program you used, in the study of WinAPI? Can you recommend anything?
March 23rd 20 at 19:39
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March 23rd 20 at 19:41

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