How to optimize download and css for faster rendering?

Good day. At the moment Google has the requirement that the first area visibility seemed as quickly as possible.
Basically the requirement is valid for mobile
I want to understand the example of a simple store.
For example, there is a simple menu and slider products. It turns out I have to give the layout + css for this block.
Then in the background load the rest. I understand correctly?
Just before the end can not understand how to solve the problem.
March 23rd 20 at 19:39
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March 23rd 20 at 19:41
That's right you know.
Google need the first screen without all the intricacies.
Ie styles - - only the visible part of the scripts too.

What kind of background loading? ))
Google sees it!
Often helps the timeout at least 3 seconds!! It's Google, baby...

If you look at the mob. tab - the first screen on the mobile, he is there judging by the screenshots of Google 4 times less than desktop, most likely Google is testing a 4S on mount Athos)))

I want to understand the example of a simple store.

give a link to the store and people will be pulled...

Examples from life:
Put widget Deposit and support claims that the widget is loaded asynchronously - NONSENSE!
Google sees a whole ton of garbage this iwashita and schitatet it prevents uploading of the first screen!!))
Set metric - Google sees a ton Jasha-debris.
Set Google fonts - Google swears.
Put Google Analytics - Google yelling obscenities good.

So forget about this hell of a tool and live in peace without him, and even better without metrics, Analytics and iwashita.
Youth, courage, cognac

Perhaps the reason also -Why is IT so many Hindus?
the idea caught! take this as advice - elmo_Langosh commented on March 23rd 20 at 19:44

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