Rename files according to the match table?

There is an array of files for which there is a table with columns for "old name" "new name" for each unique and the match must be exact. Please tell me how to automate the renaming by using the conditional Total Commander? I found an old issue that mentions the ability to download in Total Commander names from a file, but have not figured out where it is and how to use it.
PS Scripts to write, alas, can not.
March 23rd 20 at 19:40
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March 23rd 20 at 19:42
Take your table, add one column to the left of your two (old, new) and fill it with the word rename.
p.s. If the file names have spaces or characters such as slashes, parentheses, and so on (not letters and numbers) that each name must be enclosed in double quotes (100, and one way to do this).

Then highlight all cells and copy them to the clipboard, then open your favorite text editor and insert the contents of the buffer (the alternative is to save the csv file or text msdos, experiment).

You should get something like:
rename old.txt new.txt
rename old2.txt new.txt
Then save this file under any name with extension .bat (for example go.bat) or .cmd in the directory where the files.

Attention, the encoding of the file needs to be msdos (cp866) if you have Russian characters in file names. Make sure that it was not unicode, but rather to the beginning of the file your editor not to put BOM signature, it is not fatal, just the first line then it will be incorrect and will be ignored.

All your program on renaming of files ready, it is enough to run it and your files will be renamed.

If you want to see error messages in advance, add to the end of the line with the word
then the console window will not be closed at the end and you will see error messages.

If the files are in different directories, it is possible for everyone to either specify the full path like c:\temp\zzz.txt or a relative temp\aaa.zzz in this case go.bat must be placed in this home directory where you placed all the rest.

If the first word in the string will move instead of rename, this program will move the file from the old place to the new and copy - will copy, and in both cases, instead of the new file name to specify only the target directory.

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