What the designer of games to choose to create a FPS with dynamic destruction?

imagine that you have a boring repetitive office work has nothing to do with programming, but still you have a very old dream: to create a jester with unusual mechanics, and one of "fishechek" your FPS - dynamic degradation models of enemies, as implemented in Doom 2016. In addition ,assume that your knowledge in mathematics and programming in C++, C#, JS, Python - okolonolya... ... ...no, of course, for some in this situation, the decision to forget this idea seems quite logical, but lately there are so many stable friendly game designers with paid(and free) add-ons: Unity3D, UT4, Godot... and so much videosyou added to the network about the creation of games, including and school, what you feel ashamed to quit without even trying.
So, which designer would you choose and what tool(program\library\addition) used to create FPS with dynamic destruction?
March 23rd 20 at 19:41
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