Xpath. How to put specific text?

On the page there is a conditional code like this:
<div class="item">
 <a name="111" id="111">
 <div class="header">
 <h2 class="">Header</h2>
 <div class="news-author"> Author news</div>
 <div class="newsbody"
 <div class="news-text">news Text</div>

And such blocks of each category are many. How to use XPath to pulled new-author from a block with a specific id in the tag a?

To collect using Google sheets. Collected titles, dates, all the rules.

Plugging in gathering the news. They are contiguous and belong to different categories. And when I try to build the author:
=IMPORTXML(CONCATENATE("https://domain.tdl";IMPORTXML("https://domain.tdl/categories/"; "//div[@class='news-read-more']/a/@href")); "//div[@class='news-author']")

It gathers authors from the category news. Well, the texts respectively.

Help pliz )
March 23rd 20 at 19:43
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