Similar products kanonikal and SEO?

There's THEM that should be optimized, while he was in the development stage.
The store is supposed to promote the MF, and its structure suggests about this option:
Home -> directory -> subdirectory -> 10 products

To promote this plan subdirectory.
And remains a bit obscure setting products.
Yeah, I'd understand if it was things with markings that the user can enter in a search.
But the names of fictional products (product 1, product 2, product 3 is the only difference the number), and description of the goods, equal to 80 percent(товар1 - hare wood, товар2 - cat from the tree, товар3 - Lis wood — conditional descriptions to understand the lyrics).
The only difference is the images that are unique to each product.
Here are some questions:
1) How to concentrate more weight on the subdirectory?
Now from the page of each product on the page subdirectory, there are 2 links in the breadcrumbs and in the description text.
Is it correct from an SEO point of view and how to pass the subdirectory more weight?
Maybe you should make a subdirectory of the main page for all articles using the attribute rel="canonical"?
Or close all links to products from indexing that page of the subdirectory is not distributed his weight?

2) Or may combine all products into one through the same rel="canonical"?
In theory, then they will not be doubles of ourselves, but the user can click on them in the directory.
Then get a subdirectory refers to 10 duplicates of a single page that also somehow moronic.

3) you Can, of course, unikalizirovat the page of each product by adding tons of unnecessary, but unique text.
Is it worth it? Better that than the previous two?

PS the competition at the top is not implemented none of the above options, and descriptions of similar goods not complete duplicates of each other.
June 8th 19 at 16:48
1 answer
June 8th 19 at 16:50
Maybe you should make a subdirectory of the main page for all articles using the attribute rel="canonical"?

definitely not, very sad end

Or can combine all items into one using the same rel="canonical"?

perhaps if the content really is identical. But I would simply not do for such goods different pages. Would make the differences options and made addicted to pictures. As when the goods are one and many colors, blue pants, red briefs, etc 1 product.

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