To join 2 wifi network and give it ethernet possible?

There are 2 phones that take the Internet through a mobile data connection and handed out over wifi is it possible to combine these two wifi networks in one and give via ethernet cable to a managed switch? Anyone have any ideas how we can implement, without offers usb modems
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June 8th 19 at 16:52
So two tasks
1)Merge 2 networks with different gateways.
As I understand it in order to use the bandwidth of both connections.
It is theoretically possible, in practice, very difficult, and useless. Although in a particular situation can be solved quite simply - for example, half of the users to register per gateway, the other half another gateway.

2)to Provide customers with a connected wire, Internet through the phone.
For this you need a router able to work in a mode WiFi the client. For example, mikrotik.
A custom router to connect to the wireless network of the phone and accessed the Internet through the phone, and set this connection as default gateway for all wired clients router via dhcp.

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