Can I get free Azure for students in 2018?

As a student of the College for a long time addicted to programming and I want to dedicate this area of my life. The craze has reached a level that money does not bring (there are no commercial applications and no time to do freelance) and technology stack (web direction javascript, typescript, react, redux, mobx, angular, rxjs, nodejs, express) mastered to a greater extent and within spa applications + githubpage it became impossible to grow, and the clouds are prohibitively expensive.

Started looking for options with free cloud for your almost finished project (react+redux, which I really want to transfer to the ssd server side render) and stumbled upon an article on habré from 2015, which stated that microsoft azure offers free for all students WITHOUT a CREDIT CARD. I have a credit card, but I just have a phobia related to it and the instructions where it stated FREE.

It's been three years but I decided to try to zaregestrirovatsya in Microsoft Imagine, but immediately saw there a mandatory data entry field on the credit card.

Hence the questions
  1. in 2018, students can still get free use of Azure to create apps?
  2. Whether the created application is really working and available online for all users?
  3. Whether once the payment for these applications?
  4. Is it possible to monetize them and wouldn't that change the rules?
  5. What will happen to the applications at the end of my studies?
June 8th 19 at 16:51
1 answer
June 8th 19 at 16:53
Which Bank?

I have Tinkova you can create a virtual map. There Sakina 60 rubles for Azura just in case and relaxed register.
If your app will generate revenue, I don't think it would be a problem to pay the same Azura, it's not so expensive.

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