How to host a development copy of the website on the second server?

Good day to all!

Recently encountered an unexpected problem, which previously did not manifest itself.

For example, one hosting website (running over SSL)
I unfold its full copy on another hosting and the same domain, copy the SSL certificate from a combat server.
In the hosts prescribed to the ip of the development server and everything is OK, or rather before it was all about.

Problem 1.
I gave access to the developer server developer that works on Win10.
He rules the hosts comes to your site, when you first load it opens the website from the development server and when you refresh the page or internal link, the website opens with the battle servers.
Thus if you close the browser and try to enter the address again, just open a combat server.
It seems that on first boot it reads the ip from hosts, and then there is a DNS lookup, which says that the IP of the current server does not appear in the records for the domain and sends the request to the IP battle server, which is specified in DNS.
Of protection costs only standard Defender, who tried to disconnect - did not help.
I have Win7 and the other Win8 developer problem does not occur.

Problem 2.
The site works with Google maps.
Early again on the development server everything was OK, and now maps are not loaded.
API key is issued for a domain, that domain is the same, but the maps are not loaded, the browser console bunch of errors "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()".

Have an idea you need to register the IP of the development server areas the main provider, but that is incorrect.
I'm in the DNS records, to put it mildly do not understand, so do not understand whether it is possible to do this, if so, what type of record to choose and to make it so that on the developer's server went random users, and only those who have change prescribed in the ip hosts.
June 8th 19 at 16:52
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June 8th 19 at 16:54
Well, just like human beings do dev / staging / production is not an option, it comes up with the following options:

1. If the sites are on different servers - to put in front of them a load balancer. All traffic to send to production, and developers for IP on copy. The SSL certificate will need to be moved on the balancer, of course.

2. If the sites are physically on a single server configure Nginx / Apache or whatever you have for a different IP to watch in different docment root. All to send in the prod folder, and their IP to clone.

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